Cubs' Manager David Ross Unleashes Frustration on Umpire and Roof Decision in Milwaukee

In a wild, extra-inning victory over the Milwaukee Brewers, the Chicago Cubs' manager, David Ross, expressed his frustration over the plate umpire's calls and the decision to close the roof at American Family Field. Despite blowing a four-run lead, the Cubs rallied to secure a 7-6 win in 11 innings. Ross commended his team's resilience, but his postgame remarks mainly centered on a series of "frustrating" incidents throughout the game. Let's delve into the details and examine Ross's criticisms.

Chicago Cubs manager David Ross ejected after being fed up with umpire's calls

  1. The Plate Umpire's Calls:

Ross and the Cubs voiced their dissatisfaction with the plate umpire, Erich Bacchus, over his ball-strike calls. During the 11th inning, when Cubs All-Star Dansby Swanson was at the plate, first-base coach Mike Napoli was ejected for disputing Bacchus's decisions. Ross subsequently entered the field to argue with the umpire and was also ejected. Ross contended that several pitches called strikes were far from the strike zone, leading to frustration among the Cubs players.

  1. Controversial Plays:

a) Interference Controversy: In the sixth inning, with the Cubs holding a 4-1 lead, Brewers left fielder Christian Yelich singled and stole second base. William Contreras hit a squibber in front of the plate, resulting in an infield single. Yelich scored on an errant throw that skipped into right field. Ross engaged in a heated argument with Bacchus regarding whether Contreras impeded the throw to first from catcher Miguel Amaya.

Chicago Cubs manager David Ross ejected

b) Premature Call and Base Interference: Ross expressed his displeasure when Bacchus called Swanson out prematurely, mistakenly believing there were already two strikes. Ross also believed a Brewers baserunner interfered with a throw earlier in the game, leading to a run being scored. These incidents added to the Cubs' frustration with the umpire's decisions.

  1. The Roof Closure:

Adding to Ross's grievances was the decision to close the retractable roof at American Family Field on a mostly sunny afternoon. Ross questioned the motive behind closing the roof, suggesting that it was done to eliminate shadows late in the game. The closure of the roof further frustrated the Cubs' manager and contributed to his overall dissatisfaction with the day's events.

David Ross gettyimages


In a dramatic extra-inning victory, the Chicago Cubs' manager, David Ross, vented his frustrations regarding the plate umpire's calls and the decision to close the roof at American Family Field. Ross and the Cubs expressed dissatisfaction with the ball-strike calls made by umpire Erich Bacchus, emphasizing that many of the pitches called strikes were not even close. Additionally, Ross raised concerns about controversial plays, including premature calls and potential interference, that impacted the game's outcome. The decision to close the retractable roof further heightened Ross's frustration. Despite the challenges, the Cubs demonstrated resilience and secured a hard-fought win.

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