50 Cent Stirs Controversy with Homophobic Insinuation at White Party, Targeting Diddy and Lil Baby

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has once again taken to social media to target his fellow Hip Hop mogul, Sean "Diddy" Combs, and Atlanta-based recording artist Lil Baby. This time, the controversial G-Unit head sparked controversy by trolling the two artists at Michael Rubin and Camille Fishel's annual White Party, held at their Hamptons home on July 3. While the star-studded event was attended by numerous celebrities, it was a specific photo shared by 50 Cent on his Instagram page that caused a stir, implying a possible homosexual act between the three individuals in the picture.

This recent incident is not the first time 50 Cent has publicly questioned Diddy's sexuality. Dating back to 2014, the Queens native has used separate photos of Diddy with Rick Ross and Steve Stoute to insinuate that the Bad Boy Entertainment founder could be gay. In 2018, Diddy addressed these persistent jokes, claiming that 50 Cent's actions stemmed from a place of love rather than hate. Despite the response, 50 Cent continued his pattern of making suggestive comments, circulating a photo of Diddy with openly gay filmmaker Lee Daniels as another possible example.

50 Cent's Instagram Post and Reactions:


Sharing a snapshot from the White Party, the controversial rapper's Instagram caption intentionally suggested a homosexual act between Lil Baby and the two men hugging him. The post garnered over 340,000 likes and triggered mixed reactions among fans. While some filled the comment section with laughing emojis, others criticized 50 Cent's constant need to judge and label individuals, questioning whether one's personal choices and friendships should always be subjected to public scrutiny.

White Party Highlights and Attendees:

Amidst the controversy caused by 50 Cent's remarks, it's important to note that the White Party hosted by Michael Rubin was a star-studded affair. The event saw the attendance of notable celebrities such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Quavo, Kevin Hart, Lala Anthony, Kim Kardashian, Travis Scott, and more. While the focus shifted to 50 Cent's commentary, the party itself was described as an electrifying and glamorous affair, providing a platform for A-listers to come together and celebrate.

Once again, 50 Cent has utilized social media as a platform to target Diddy, this time extending his controversial remarks to include Lil Baby. The photo shared by 50 Cent from the White Party has sparked a heated discussion around the appropriateness of his comments and the ongoing speculation surrounding the sexuality of public figures. While the event itself showcased a star-studded guest list and created memorable moments, it is the negative attention generated by 50 Cent's actions that continues to overshadow the celebration of music and camaraderie.

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