Charlamagne Tha God Asserts Cardi B's Influence on Female Hip Hop Comparable to JAY-Z & Drake

In a recent interview on Big Loon's It's Up There Podcast, Charlamagne Tha God drew parallels between Cardi B and renowned artists JAY-Z and Drake, highlighting her significant influence on female hip hop. The co-host of The Breakfast Club credited Cardi for pioneering the trend of established women rappers collaborating with emerging artists.

Charlamagne noted, "Cardi shifted the culture by being the person who made all the money, sold all the records, but had no problem supporting the next generation. She did for female rap what JAY-Z and Drake did for their respective genres. JAY-Z would jump on the latest tracks from Juvenile's 'Ha' to Houston's scene to Rick Ross and DMX. Drake similarly boosted the careers of up-and-coming artists with hits like the 'Versace (Remix)' with Migos, 'My Way' with Fetty Wap, and 'Look Alive' with BlocBoyJB."

Cardi B Posing For Magazine

The radio host emphasized that while Drake made the records popular, JAY-Z's co-signs elevated the artists themselves. Charlamagne cited examples such as JAY-Z's collaborations with Jeezy on the 'Dope Boys Go Crazy (Remix)' and with Rick Ross on 'Hustlin' (Remix),' which had a profound impact on how people perceived these artists. He noted that Cardi B is successfully accomplishing both aspects, as she not only helps make the artists big but also amplifies the music itself through her involvement in videos, live interactions, and social media engagement.

The conversation is timely, coinciding with Cardi B's upcoming collaboration with rising Chicago rapper Fendi Da Rappa on the track titled "Point Me 2," following her recent appearance on Latto's "Put It On Da Floor." The song is scheduled for release on Friday, July 7th.

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