Drake Gives Thumbs Up as Greedo Flaunts Stylish Chain and British Accent on Instagram

Drake's Affinity for Accents: 03 Greedo's Bling and British Swagger on Instagram Gain Drake's Approval" 03 Greedo and Drake

Drake, known for his love of accents, particularly British and Jamaican, never fails to entertain with his impressive impersonations. But he also takes delight in witnessing others venture into different speech styles. Recently, it was 03 Greedo who caught the attention of the 36-year-old Canadian superstar, as he showcased his antics in an Instagram post shared by Nef The Pharaoh.

In the video, Greedo confidently flaunts a massive chain, declaring, "Today on Chain Chain television, we've got two kilos of diamonds on my neck." With a laugh, he adds, "And what we're doing right now? We're balling on these bch ass nias," captivating viewers with his luxurious jewelry. Greedo smoothly notes, "I'm sorry, if you're in a relationship, we're changing that," charming any female spectators.


Greedo playfully suggests that he might be the man to offer romantic affection to anyone seeking love. The hilarious clip has garnered nearly 7.5K likes and thousands of comments, including one from Drake himself. He writes, "This was needed today," earning him the top spot in Nef The Pharaoh's pinned comment. The appreciative response from Nef The Pharaoh reads, "I appreciate it gang 🖤."

Surprisingly, despite several of his previously unreleased tracks leaking online today, Drake appears to be in a positive mood. Speculations suggest that two out of the seven leaked tracks could be part of his upcoming album, For All The Dogs. However, no official confirmation has been made as of now. 

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