Jay Z rocks $6,100 "MoMA" Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 in Paris with Beyoncé

JAY-Z Turns Heads in Nikes?!

Off White Nike Air Force 1 MoMa Displaying left and right sneaker.Off White Nike Air Force 1 MoMa Displaying left and right sneaker from above. Off White Nike Air Force 1 MoMa side view

Jay-Z previously named Puma's Creative Director, surprised fans and fashion enthusiasts alike when he was spotted donning Nike sneakers during his time in Paris with his wife, Beyoncé. The sighting occurred amidst one of Beyoncé's widely celebrated Instagram photo dumps, where she shared glimpses of their stay in the City of Love.

Jay Z And Beyonce In Paris

Among the various captures that caught the attention of fans, including Beyoncé playfully pretending to munch on a croissant and showcasing Louis Vuitton letters, there was an adorable couple's picture of the Carters dressed in black sweats. The photo depicted Beyoncé contributing to the barefoot summer trend while Jay-Z confidently sported a pair of Off-White's Nike Air Force 1 "MoMA" sneakers, a collaboration that had gained considerable acclaim.

It's worth noting that Jay-Z's choice to wear Nikes is a departure from his usual preference for PUMA, as he assumed the position of president for PUMA's basketball division back in 2018. Typically seen representing the leaping feline logo on his feet, whether during courtside appearances or while fulfilling his fatherly duties, Jay-Z rarely deviates from his loyalty to PUMA.

However, when he does decide to switch things up and opt for a surprise Swoosh action, he tends to select the most sought-after Nike releases. The last time Jay-Z was spotted in Nikes was in 2021, casually flexing Union's highly coveted Air Jordan 4 "Noir" sneakers in some off-guard photos. And now, he has caught everyone's attention once again by rocking the incredibly rare MoMA AF1s from Off-White, a sneaker that had an extremely limited release a couple of years ago and currently commands a staggering $8,000 price tag in the resale market.

       It's clear that Jay-Z's choice of footwear demonstrates his impeccable taste in fashion and his ability to effortlessly blend streetwear culture with high-end luxury. Before his affiliation with PUMA, the founder of Roc Nation was known to keep a solid rotation of Air Force 1 sneakers, including his own collaborative pairs and a collection of the iconic high-top Forces. In fact, it's worth mentioning a fun fact that Jay-Z once wore a pair of Supreme's Nike Air Force 1 High on a date night with his wife, Beyoncé, creating quite a stir among sneaker enthusiasts and fans.

Jay Z And Beyonce Sitting Court Side Rocking Jordan 1 Bred

Jay-Z's recent Nike selection in Paris serves as a testament to his influence in the fashion world and his ability to create buzz with his choice of footwear. While his PUMA affiliation remains strong, these occasional surprises remind us of Jay-Z's versatility and his knack for selecting the most sought-after sneakers on the market. As he continues to make waves with his fashion choices, fans eagerly await his next unexpected footwear flex, wondering which iconic sneakers he will grace the streets with next.

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