Prominent Hip-Hop Artist Boosie Expresses Strong Dissatisfaction with Empire Records Regarding Non-Payment for Accomplished Artist Yung Bleu

Boosie Badazz Raises Serious Concerns Against Empire Records Over Alleged Payment Dispute with Artist Yung Bleu

In a recent Instagram Live session held on Saturday (July 1), Boosie Badazz, the renowned rapper behind hits like "Wipe Me Down," publicly criticized Empire Records, the label with whom he has a distribution deal, accusing them of failing to adequately compensate him for signing the highly acclaimed artist Yung Bleu.

Expressing his frustration, Boosie asserted, "You wouldn't play with me like this, bro. Pay me my rightful dues. There have been forged signatures involved."



Continuing his address, Boosie firmly stated, "Consequently, all involved parties will be presented with necessary legal documentation. If not on Monday, then without a doubt by Tuesday. This matter will be resolved. Now, if you wish to respond, do so promptly. What's the next move?"

This isn't the first instance of Boosie threatening legal action over Yung Bleu. In March, the Baton Rouge native expressed his intention to take Empire Records to court due to a contractual dispute arising from Bleu's departure from Boosie's Vandross Music Group in 2019. Boosie alleged that those surrounding Bleu had unjustly squeezed him out of a deal, but he remains confident in his ability to triumph and receive the compensation rightfully owed to him.

Boosie clarified, "I must take all parties involved to court. Yung Bleu isn't truly at fault; it's the individuals behind the scenes. They engaged in deceitful business practices that will ultimately have repercussions. I've been dealt an unfair hand, but I hold them accountable. It's an unfortunate situation."

He added, "You must understand that when success comes knocking, there are many who attempt to undermine you. Other labels attempted to exclude me while this artist signed with me. Things become tumultuous once money is involved. Nevertheless, I believe we will overcome these challenges. I don't seek his money; I want him to prosper! I seek retribution from those responsible!"

Yung Bleu himself addressed the label situation with Boosie Badazz in a 2020 interview with HipHopDX. He revealed that even after leaving the label, he voluntarily shared a portion of the album profits with Boosie's Bad Azz Music Syndicate, emphasizing his loyalty to the brand.

"I approached Boosie and expressed my desire to continue working under the brand but without being signed to Columbia anymore," he explained. "I simply wanted to operate independently, without a major label, and Boosie agreed. However, he requested his fair share of the album profits for the projects that I had previously released under his label, and I complied."

"I would have done so regardless of our contractual status, as I still had albums remaining with him. He didn't have to release me and allow me to sign with another label. I hold deep respect for him, and our relationship goes beyond business. I remain Bad Azz, committed for life," Yung Bleu concluded.

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