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Four years ago, Nicholas Flathau dropped out of college. He could hardly afford his rent. With big dreams and impressive long-term goals in his head, it was difficult for him to imagine how he would achieve the lifestyle he had envisioned for himself. If you talk to Flathau now, he’ll tell you that sacrifice and dedication landed him where he is four years after dropping out of school: the owner of three successful businesses.

Before Flathau committed himself to earn a nursing degree in 2014, he had spent the previous five years moving from city to city in search of a career path to call his own. Flathau spent two years in school and working at a nursing home before coming to the realization that a medical career wasn’t the right path for him either. It was in 2017 when Flathau took a leap of faith and opened an AT&T franchise. Confident in his business knowledge and skills, the Chicago-born Flathau almost immediately found success with AT&T. Soon, between AT&T and a real estate firm he had opened, Flathau was bringing in a seven-figure salary.

All of his success led him to appreciate some of the finer things in life, specifically the world of custom jewelry. Becoming more and more interested in diamonds and craftmanship with each piece he collected, Flathau committed himself to research how to make jewelry a bigger part of his life. After extensively researching diamond suppliers and quality, he opened Flawless Diamonds Co.

Combining his deep cache of research and his desire for jewelry, Flathau again found success as the founder of a small company. Over the last few years, Flathau has designed pieces for a number of profile clients, including NLE Choppa, Lil Reese, Lil Zay Osama, Louis B, and King Louie.

No matter how wild a customer’s request may be, Flathau and Flawless Diamonds Co. are committed to bringing their imagination to life. “The most rewarding part is educating the clients on what they are getting within their piece and building those relationships for long-term business and also bringing their imagination to life,” Flathau states.

Placing his company on a solid base of a quality reputation and superb customer service, Flathau has created a company that not only creates tremendous custom jewelry but maintains a welcome environment for both clients and employees.

“I would like to be perceived as having an honest working, no excuses mentality,” Flathau states. “My integrity and character speak volume. I try and give the most up respect to each and every client, regardless of what their budget may be.”

Learn more about Nicholas Flathau and the detailed custom jewelry work being done at Flawless Diamonds Co. by following them on Instagram and visiting their website.

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