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“You must have the drive to go the extra mile to put in the work, working seven days a week, 18 hours a day just to make it.” Nicholas Flathau has always set long-term goals for himself. At some points, he wasn’t always sure how he would get from point “A” to point “B,” but Flathau knew he would find a way to achieve his goals. Years of hard work and sacrifice have now landed Flathau at the helm of a company he founded and is truly passionate about, Flawless Diamonds Co.

Born and raised in Chicago, Flathau left his home to begin life on his own when he was only 17. From that moment forward, he would have to make way for himself to achieve his dreams. For the next five years, Flathau traveled from place to place, working any job that would allow him to make ends meet. Flathau ended up pursuing a medical degree and worked on the side at a local nursing home. However, the work he was doing never truly felt like a good fit to him. So, in 2017, strapped for cash and with his back to the wall, Flathau dropped out of school and opened up an AT&T franchise.

Confident in his skills as a businessman, Flathau dedicated himself entirely to his ownership position at his AT&T franchise and saw near-immediate results. Within a couple of years, Flathau was earning a seven-figure yearly salary. Yet, with all of his success, he really didn’t feel a passion for his work. This feeling of being lost followed Flathau around for years, even when he found success, but it would all subside when he discovered the world of custom jewelry. Collecting custom jewelry became a hobby for Flathau as he found success as a businessman, and he became more and more infatuated with each piece he purchased. Realizing his deep passion for the industry, Flathau founded Flawless Diamonds Co.

Initially, Flathau faced the challenges of improper staffing and lack of diamond resources. However, through the same work ethic that landed him a successful AT&T franchise, Flathau made Flawless Diamonds Co. into the game-changing jewelry dealer it is today. The company has facilities in both Dallas and Flathau’s hometown of Chicago and has worked with high-profile artists like NLE Choppa and Lil Zay Osama.

Focused on customer service and incredible quality, Flawless Diamonds Co. is a fast-growing jeweler, and Flathau hopes to expand to more U.S. cities in the coming year.

Learn more about Nicholas Flathau and the detailed custom jewelry work being done at Flawless Diamonds Co. by following them on Instagram and visiting their website.

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