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When you’re dealing with Flawless Diamonds Co., don’t get lost in the frost. High quality and game-changing custom jewelry company based out of Chicago, Flawless Diamonds Co., was founded by Nicholas Flathau as a passion project but has grown into so much more for the Chicago entrepreneur. Focused on bringing a client’s vision and imagination to life, whatever it may be, the Flawless Family is rising to the top of the ranks in the custom jewelry game.

“I see Flawless Diamonds and myself being in every major city around the country and being a force in the jewelry game.” A few years ago, reaching this goal may have seemed light years away for Nicholas Flathau. Ten years ago, at age 17, Flathau was living on his own in Chicago. For the next five years, he would move to a new city every six months in search of a way to make money. Eventually, Flathau committed himself to education, working towards a degree in nursing. After about two years, he no longer felt this was the direction his life was supposed to go. Low on cash and with his back to the wall, Flathau took a massive leap of faith – he became an AT&T franchisee in 2016.

Skyrocketing as a businessman, the career was a natural fit for Flathau’s business suave. Learning tips and tricks along the way, he had made his first million dollars by 2018. Picking up interest in real estate, Flathau was bringing in seven figures annually. Still, this didn’t seem like the right personal fit for Flathau. At the same time, he had expanded upon his hobby of purchasing custom jewelry. Learning how to become more involved with the process, Flathau started researching information about diamond quality, various suppliers and learned how to design custom jewelry. Eventually, a sense of nirvana came to Flathau. This was his passion.

Taking what he had learned business-wise, working with AT&T and in real estate, Flathau began to build Flawless Diamonds Co. Initially, Flathau faced challenges with acquiring quality materials to design with and building a solid team around him. Slowly, everything started to fall into place. The Flawless Family turned into a tight-knit group of like-minded people working to bring custom jewelry dreams to life for their clients. The Flawless family has worked with artists like NLE Choppa, Lil Reese, King Louie and many other high-profile clients from all walks of life.

The most rewarding part for Flathau has been the opportunities he has had since reaching success to give back to his community and provide for his children. “I always give back to my community locally, I’m currently with my local chamber of commerce and our local business group for the county. I volunteer with children ages 6th grade to 12th grade who have tough home environments.”

The next step for Flathau and the Flawless Family is a line of apparel for the Flawless Diamonds Co. brand. 

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