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Flawless Diamonds Co. has grown into one of the country’s most cutting-edge jewelers over the last couple of years. With foundations in both Dallas and Chicago, the jewelry outfit’s owner and founder, Nicholas Flathau, came to be a force in the jewelry industry after developing a passion for the intricate craftsmanship that is entailed within each piece. Quickly garnering recognition for his unique and, for lack of a better word, flawless designs, Flathau and Flawless Diamonds have attracted the attention of collectors all over the United States.

Before finding a passion in customer jewelry design, Nicholas Flathau was a successful businessman in a few other fields. In 2017, he dropped out of medical school in favor of becoming an AT&T franchisee. Flathau had spent his years before settling in Chicago, journeying from city to city in search of a job that would make ends meet. With a deep cache of life lessons from these years, Flathau was able to pull from these unique experiences while starting his new business venture with AT&T.

Two years after opening his franchise, Flathau was already making a seven-figure salary. Adding to his business portfolio, he decided to acquire a real estate company in Texas as well. Adjusting to his newfound success, Flathau began to develop a taste for the finer things in life, including custom jewelry.

Forming a mentor-mentee relationship with a local jeweler, Flathau dedicated his free time to learning all he could about both the business and creative aspects of the jewelry industry. What was once a hobby, rapidly became a passion, and later, a company in and of itself.

Flawless Diamonds has garnered a reputation for creating some of the cleanest and iciest jewelry around, even attracting the attention of rappers like NLE Choppa. While their diamonds may be clean-cut, their business methods are not. We want to be recognized for our quality and commitment to our clients,” Flathau remarks. “Quality is the biggest thing for Flawless Diamonds because we do not cut corners.”

On top of their quality products, Flathau and the team he has built around him, known as the Flawless Family, pride themselves on creating an environment where any customer can feel comfortable and confident purchasing jewelry. To learn more about Nicholas Flathau and marvel at the work of Flawless Diamonds Co., follow the company on Instagram and visit their website.

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