Four years ago, Nicholas Flathau was ready to risk it all. At 23-years-old, Flathau had been living on his own since he left his hometown of Chicago at 17. He moved from city to city before a moment of realization came upon Flathau, and he knew that wasn’t the direction he saw his life going. Taking a leap of faith, Flathau dropped out of college to pursue a career as his own boss – an entrepreneur. He has not looked back since.

When Flathau left school, he was able to acquire a position for himself as an AT&T franchisee. Already possessing some quality business knowledge, Flathau committed himself to his career, and within a couple of years, he was bringing home a seven-figure salary. Still, with all the success he was finding with this entrepreneurial venture, Flathau didn’t feel that it was something he was truly passionate about. Then, custom jewelry entered his line of sight.

The work of a local Dallas jeweler had caught Flathau’s eye. As he had found such great success recently, he felt comfortable commissioning a custom piece from the jeweler. Discovering a deep admiration for the craftsmanship of the piece, Flathau became a mentee of the jeweler. Quickly, he developed a deeper appreciation for the art of crafting jewelry and, in no time, was learning how to design pieces himself. With endless hours of research put into diamond quality and suppliers, Flathau was ready to open Flawless Diamonds Co.

“I would like to be perceived as having an honest working, no excuses mentality,” Flathau shares. Possessing this mindset, Flathau set out to build a team of like-minded people around him for his company. Working together, the team, which is now known as the Flawless Family, has reached heights that Flathau would have never envisioned back in 2017.

Finally finding a passion project and being able to build a career within it has been immensely rewarding for Flathau, but it has opened up a door of greater opportunity as well. Flawless Diamonds Co. is now active mainly in Chicago, Flathau’s hometown, and he is doing everything he can to give back to the communities that built him as a person. “I want to make sure that the children I help are never hungry and have clothes on their back,” Flathau shares. “I know what that was like when I was younger. My mother was considered under the poverty line, so we always went to a food pantry or our church if we needed help.”

Looking to continue his philanthropy, Flathau is also planning on expanding the Flawless Diamonds Co. brand to other cities in the country and is prepping the release of an apparel line, as well.

Learn more about Nicholas Flathau and the detailed custom jewelry work being done at Flawless Diamonds Co. by following them on Instagram and visiting their website.

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