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In only a handful of years, Nicholas Flathau went from working jobs in construction and at a grocery store to owning one of the nation’s most up-and-coming custom jewelry outfits. Flawless Diamonds Co. operates out of both Dallas and Chicago as a trendsetting jewelry company which is turning heads throughout the industry.

Flathau found himself working odd jobs to make ends meet as early as when he was 17. Leaving home to pursue life on his own at that age, the Chicago native left his hometown and began to city hop. “I moved from place to place almost every six months, until I was 22,” Flathau recalls. It was in this five-year span on his own where Flathau began to learn more about himself and what he was interested in. After making the decision to drop out of college, Flathau felt confident enough in the skills he had acquired over the last half-decade to pursue a career in business.

Deciding to become an AT&T franchisee, he found rapid and plentiful success. With his first business thriving, Flathau began to feel unpassionate about his work. Recently discovering a love for the world of custom jewelry, he began to spend his free time research more and more about the industry. Becoming a mentee to a Dallas jeweler, Flathau’s appreciation for the art and business of custom jewelry flourished.

With this newfound passion, Flathau created Flawless Diamonds Co. and hand-picked his Flawless Family, the like-minded team of people helping to bring the jewelry company to the forefront of the nation’s jewelry conversation.  

“We never cut corners, and never sugar coat anything when talking with a client about their custom piece,” Flathau states. Equally focused on creating high-quality pieces as they are on providing unique customer experiences, Flawless Diamonds Co. separates itself from their competition in almost every aspect of their business model.

Finding his way to this level of success was never an easy task for Flathau, and he continues to make daily sacrifices in order to pursue his passion project. “You must have the drive to go the extra mile to put in the work,” Flathau advises. “Know what your goals are, long term and short term, and what is it going to take to achieve them.”

The intent for Flathau and the Flawless Family moving forward is to expand their ever-growing custom jewelry business across the country. “I see Flawless Diamonds and myself being in every major city around the country and being a force in the jewelry game.”

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