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When Nicholas Flathau was a high school football star, he never expected that he would end up with a torn ACL. As a result, his football career ended, and he had to work three jobs – grocery, factory, and construction – just to make ends meet. In 2016 however, Flathau decided to start his own AT&T franchise. Two years later, after risking it all, he made his first million at the age of 25. Now, at only 27, Flathau is the owner of three different businesses: the AT&T franchise, real estate, and Flawless Diamonds Co.

Flawless Diamonds Co. began when Flathau bought jewelry from a jeweler in Dallas, Texas to resell in 2019. He was so fascinated by the craftsmanship of the pieces that he began researching suppliers, diamond quality, and learning how to create custom pieces himself. The jeweler who he originally bought the pieces from is still his mentor to this day. Flawless Diamonds Co. creates custom pieces for celebrities like Nate Hobbs, Te’a Cooper, NLE Choppa and Lil Reese among others.

Middlemen Need Not Apply
The fastest way to getting a one-of-a-kind piece is by going directly to the source. Flathau learned early on in the development of his company that using middlemen only slowed down the process, and he could not get the quality he expected. Also, when there are no middlemen in the picture, the prices are generally lower – resulting in more bang for your buck.

Flawless Diamonds Co. provide quality diamonds, gold, and custom jewelry pieces by obtaining material from a direct source. His company’s success has made it possible for Flathau to take care of his family. Everything that he does is to help secure his daughter’s future, one custom piece at a time.
In addition to the custom pieces he creates, Flathau is all about his “Flawless Family.” The brand even sells unique apparel, including t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and more. Current and future clients can purchase apparel and show their love for the family too.

The Future is Flawless
Wealth is not his only drive for success, however. Flathau is changing the game, one diamond at a time. Though he supports his family first, he’s also giving back to his community at the same time. Having grown up under the poverty line, he knows what it is like to depend on the help of the church and food pantry. He gives back to both of these organizations, helping to support families in need each year – sometimes even by paying three months’ worth of rent for some families.

While each one of Flawless Diamonds’ pieces is unique to the individual who wears them, Flathau is unique to his community. His attention to detail and ability to give back is what makes his experience as a business owner truly satisfying.

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