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Achieving success in any capacity often comes with its fair share of hardships. Whether they are obstacles facing your business, mental stresses that come with increasing responsibilities, or many other potential circumstances, these hardships have the potential to derail a business on the path towards success if not dealt with properly.

For Nicholas Flathau, founder of Flawless Diamonds Co. in Chicago, keeping his eyes on the next goal has helped him keep a level head on his path to taking over the nation’s jewelry industry. “Know what your goals are,” Flathau advises to those looking to find entrepreneurial success, “long term and short term, and what is it going to take to achieve them.”

After leaving home at 17 to find a path for his life, Flathau spent years gaining knowledge from various odd jobs in different cities. Eventually, Flathau took that deep cache of experience and decided to take a leap into something bigger. He became the owner of an AT&T franchise and, in a seemingly instantaneous matter, became highly successful. Capitalizing on this success, he began to invest in real estate.

While this level of success was what Flathau had originally dreamed of, he didn’t feel the passion for these careers. After forming a kinship with a jeweler in Dallas, Flathau developed a deep appreciation for the custom jewelry industry. Taking it upon himself to learn as much as possible about the industry, he became strongly dedicated to perfect his craftsmanship and felt ready to open Flawless Diamonds Co.

Since the store’s opening, Flathau and the Flawless Family, the dedicated team Flathau hand-picked to surround him in his journey to success, have served an impressive number of clients. This clientele even includes a few high-profile names, like NLE Choppa, Lil Reese, and King Louie.

As Flawless Diamonds continues to find new levels of success and push the boundaries of premium custom jewelry, Nicholas Flathau is simultaneously finding ways to give back to his community in Chicago, including tutoring children with difficult home environments and helping financially struggling families. This is yet another way that Flathau has been able to provide for his community, family, business, and himself on a path to the top.

To learn more about Nicholas Flathau and marvel at the work of Flawless Diamonds Co., follow the company on Instagram and visit their website.

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