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CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / April 28, 2021 / Flawless Diamonds Co. founded by Nicholas Flathau is a jewelry company built upon sacrifice and dedication. This custom jeweler has had the opportunity to create pieces for numerous celebrities including NLE Choppa, Lil Zay Osama, and Lil Reese, and countless other clients. Flawless Diamonds has built quite the foundation as they look to change the jewelry industry and be known nationwide.

"We want to be recognized for our quality and commitment to our clients," Flathau shares. "Quality is the biggest thing for Flawless Diamonds because we do not cut corners." Flawless Diamonds Co. was founded after Flathau began to develop a hobby of collecting and researching custom jewelry. Receiving mentorship from a local jeweler in Dallas, Flathau's hobby became more of a passion and eventually a lifestyle with Flawless Diamonds Co.

Building upon their initial success, Flawless Diamonds Co. now has active locations in both Dallas and Chicago. The team that makes up the company, known as the Flawless Family, was hand-crafted by Flathau himself in order to create a like-minded group of dedicated individuals. Since the company's start, Flawless Diamonds Co. has overcome initial challenges, but now are creating jewelry with the highest quality of diamonds and creates a welcoming and unique customer service experience for each client that the Flawless Family takes on.

The most rewarding part of the journey to this point has been the newly gained ability that Flathau and Flawless Diamonds Co. has to give back to their communities. Making charity an important part of Flawless's business model, the company and Flathau have helped underprivileged families in need of clothing, food and has even helped cover rent for families facing eviction.

Looking to expand the Flawless Diamonds Co. brand to the national market, Flathau shares that an apparel line from the company is currently in the works. "I see Flawless Diamonds and myself being in every major city around the country and being a force in the jewelry game."

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